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Reliable Chimney Sweeping

Keeping your chimney in peak condition is imperative to your safety and comfort as well as your home’s structural integrity. Regular chimney cleaning and preventative chimney repairs not only ensure your firebox is clean and free of cracks and your damper fully operational, but it also prevents roof damage through proper inspection of the flashing and brick and mortar on the exterior of your home. All of these components need to be in good working condition to protect your home and family from fire, carbon monoxide, and even roof damage.

Rely on our professional chimney sweepers to inspect and repair your chimney quickly and effectively. We sweep the entire flue with rotary brush technology as well as the smoke chamber, damper, and firebox to remove as much creosote as possible. The soot and ash are removed with a HEPA-rated vacuum system. An inspection report is filled out to inform you of any safety concerns and how to correct them, whether with professional chimney sweeping services or through your own maintenance.

See the Difference Our Experience Makes

  • Prevent a fire in your home with proper chimney cleanings and chimney repairs provided by an industry specialist. We use proven methods and state of the art rotary equipment to remove creosote and other contaminants from your chimney.
  • Ensure your flashing, brick, and mortar are properly maintained and repaired in order to prevent water damage to your roof, masonry, and flue lining. Our chimney sweeper will inspect these elements and provide recommendations for any problems we discover.
  • Minimize your chance of needing expensive chimney repair with regular inspections and preventative services. If you put it off and end up needing a complete chimney rebuild, you could be out thousands of dollars.
  • Rest easy knowing your chimney repair or inspection is being completed by an expert chimney sweeping specialist when you work with us. Not only are we licensed and insured, we also provide inspection reports showing of the entire fireplace system.
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