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Gas Fireplace Service

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Get the Most Out of Your Gas Fireplace

Ensure your gas fireplace is operating correctly and safely when you call on our expert chimney repairmen. From gas fireplace checks to proper cleaning, we know what to look for when it comes to your gas fireplace inspection. Our services are performed professionally with your expectations in mind. We cover the work area to protect the floor and surroundings, we make sure the fireplace settings match your warming needs, and we help you understand how to use your fireplace if there is something about it you don't understand.

Our service includes cleaning the gas fireplace inside and out for efficiency and appearance, removing deteriorating logs and residue where necessary. We then check to make sure there’s no carbon monoxide or gas leaks and test all components to make sure they’re fully operational. Lastly, our gas fireplace inspection expert will test all safety switches and sensors to make sure your fireplace is safe for you and your family. We keep a full record of your gas fireplace performance so we can track any changes over its lifespan that may indicate a problem.

Proper Cleaning & Maintenance Keeps it Running Strong

  • Removing buildup in firebox and cleaning the burner system helps your fireplace burn efficiently. Removing dust from around the firebox, where accessible, helps reduce odors during usage.
  • Ensure there are no gas leaks in your fireplace at the start of each cold season. An annual fireplace inspection is highly recommended for all homeowners who have gas fireplaces.
  • Eliminate heat loss and maximize efficiency with proper glass cleaning and replacement. Our gas fireplace services include cleaning and replacing your glass doors wherever necessary.
  • Get all of your questions answered by our professionals. As a certified gas fireplace specialist, we help you understand the ins and outs of your gas fireplace or gas fireplace insert.
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